Congress OMC 25th & 26th, October 2018

Congress OMC 25th & 26th, October 2018

Congress OMC 25th & 26th, October 2018

Congress OMC 25th & 26th, October 2018

Orthotic & Prosthetic Exponential Progress

  • OMC 2018 Scientific Committee Congress has set up a programme based on the latest developments in the sector of prosthetics and orthotics.
  • Keynote speeches, forums and talks will provide access to a comprehensive and multidisciplinary update of knowledge.
  • The OMC 2018 Congress has the collaboration of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO), a global multidisciplinary non-governmental organization aiming to improve the quality of life for persons who may benefit from prosthetic, orthotic, mobility and assistive devices.

Orto Medical Care 2018

The congress will have speakers from 5 countries and simultaneous translation service for all attendees who request it

Thursday, October 25th

Innovation in Prosthetics and Orthotics: Exponential Progress Becomes Reality

  • 09:45

    Bionic exoskeletons, a new horizon in the therapy of neurological diseases

    Lecture: Elena García Armada – PhD in Robotics, Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Co-founder of Marsi Bionics. Senior Scientist at the Higher Council for Scientific Research at the Centre for Automation and Robotics. She has 18 mentions for Excellence.

  • 10:45

    3D Impression– Innovation in design and manufacturing


    • 3D, a new manufacturing method in orthopaedics. Jon Vallecillo Lazcano – Degree in Orthopaedic. Knowledge of CAD design, electronics and 3D printing.
    • Design and manufacturing of insoles with 3d printers. Jempi Wilssens – Electronic and Orthopaedic Engineer and Foot Biomechanics Professor at the Universities of Barcelona, Seville, Madrid and Beijing.
  • 11:30

    CAD versus yesotomies on the corsets

    Lecture – workshop : Frederic Esteve Naya. – Orthopaedic technician, pioneer in the installation of the first integrated CAD system in Spain. Professor at the University of Barcelona UB and the Ramon Llull University of Palma and Barcelona.

  • 12:00

    ORTO Medical Care 2018 Opening Ceremony

  • 12:30

    THE ENDO- EXO- PROSTHESIS-  about a transcutaneous osseointegrated device for rehab following limb amputation

    Lecture: Horst-Heinrich Aschoff – Leader of the Endo-Exo-Section at the Traumaclinic Medical School of Hannover

Friday, October 26th

Prosthetics: Advancing Knowledge to improve the user’s quality of life

  • 09:30

    Innovative printing system for water-based orthopaedic technology

    Lecture: Karl Becker – Professor of Biomechanics at Beijing University. Director of the Ottobock Academy (Duderstadt) for over 20 years. General Manager at MEDI Prosthetics. Consultant for Össur. Consultant for Romedis Aqua Symphonie System.

  • 10:00

    Ischial-Ramus containment in transfemoral socket designs

    Lecture: Marlo Ortiz – Founder and owner of Ortiz International, O&P clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico. Winner of the Clinical Creativity Award.
    Awarded the “Blatchford Prize” for the best “Prosthetic Technology” at the ISPO World Congress in Vancouver.

  • 11:00

    Future Perspectives And Challenges In Upper And Lower Limb Prosthetics

    Lecture: Michael Schäfer – CEO of Pohlig GmbH. Expert in upper and lower limb prosthetics – Orthotics for people with congenital malformations – Silicone technology – Material sciences – R&D; Cooperation with research institutes.

  • 12:00


  • 12:30

    Specific lower limb prosthetic components for Paralympic and leisure sports:
    Potential and limitations evaluated by biomechanical analysis

    Lecture: Thomas Schmalz – Graduate in Physics and Doctor in Sports Biomechanics. Professor of Biomechanics at the University of Gießen and at the University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen

The congress will be held in parallel at the trade show in the same place: Hall 4 IFEMA, Madrid.

Please, in order to obtain a simultaneous translation device, you must provide an ID to the organizing staff as a guarantee, or sign a document taking responsibility for the delivery and correct use of the device during the event.


Hall 4 IFEMA, Feria de Madrid.


October 25th & 26th, 2018


9,00-9,30 Accreditation
9,30-14,00: Lectures




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