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Organizing committee

The organizing committee is formed for Pablo Pérez AragundiEsteban JunqueraJosé QueraltóXavi Cardona Rafa Ortiz.

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FEDOP celebrates The Congress and ORTO MEDICAL CARE Fair 34 years ago. OMC has permanent headquarters in Juan Carlos I Fairground enclosure (IFEMA) since 2004.

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Every two years we assembled to companies of the first order of the sector worldwide and to the experts in orthoprosthetic, rehabilitation, dependence and geriatrics more emphasized in the world.

The great comercial exhibition is accompanied for an important scientific program for industry and health professionals share the latest developments in a single event, the key event of the sector in Spain and Portugal.

More than 9,000 regular visitors support the prestige and the opportunity to participate and visit OMC.

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Organizing committee


Pablo Pérez Aragundi

President of the Association of Orthotists and Prosthetists of Madrid-Castilla La Mancha and Vice-president of The Spanish Federation of Orthotists and Prosthetists


Esteban Junquera

President of Manufacturers and Distributors Association of Orhtopedics (AFDO)


José Queraltó

President of Orthopaedics Association of Andalucía.


Xavi Cardona

Manager of DJO Global


Rafa Ortiz

Treasurer of Association of Orthotists and Prosthetists of Madrid-Castilla La Mancha.


Pablo Pérez Aragundi

President of the Organizing Committee OMC 2016

“ORTO Medical Care allows all his participants (orthopaedists, manufacturers, sanitary professionals or political and technical officers) to take the pulse of the sector for two days. You can see the new trends, you will learn new solutions and you will acquire new contacts… I think that’s the secret of success of ORTHO Medical Care.

This year, we aim to more: we want to reflect the modern, social and healthy image of the today orthopedics and we wish to convey it to society better than in previous editions. This is the main purpose of the issue for the organizers.”

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Also you can follow us in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We offer to the professionals of the sector a platform in which to interact all the year round.

Across the social media we communicate the exhibitors’ new incorporations, his innovations, let’s sense beforehand the speakers and we announce the innovations of the event.

You can take part in the community using the hashtag #orto2016

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ORTO MEDICAL CARE has permanent seat in Juan Carlos I Fairgrounds (Madrid Fair). The Fair OMC is recognized as one of the best and more complete trade show of manufacturers and distributors of orthopedic and technical aids in Europe.

The Congress has brought together key speakers, providing training leading orthopedic technicians from Spain and Portugal. Both appointments have achieved record numbers of visitors edition after edition, overcoming 9.000 participants in 2014.

The sportsman Albert LLovera in ORTO Medical Care 2010

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